r/ProjectBibliotherapy Weblog: Week 1

"[On Reddit], you can’t be performative to your audience, because you don’t carry your audience with you into Reddit. You talk inside subreddits, and therefore you talk within a context, to a community.

You don’t talk to your people [or followers]. You have to address other people, so you have to acknowledge their reality and their existence in the real world.

You have to obey the laws of engagement in that subreddit, and there are very strict rules enforced by voluntary moderators which keep things civil, and relatively normal. 

And what this does is that the same kind of person who behaves a certain way on Twitter [for example], cannot behave like that on Reddit and get away with it. People who are on Reddit [for most parts] have to engage in 'good faith arguments.'

They have to respect the sanctity of a subreddit’s topic, they can’t just bullshit around it. Not because it’s good or bad, but because it’s disincentivized. Because you will be downvoted into oblivion.

The like [upvote] button on Reddit does good things..."
~ Nishant Jain, a.k.a. The Sneaky Artist

Until a week ago, u/ProjectBibliotherapy had posted a grand total of two times on Reddit - reposts from a side project on Instagram last year (@turtles.doing.things, presently on hold)...

But it all changed last Thursday, during an evening walk in the park, while eavesdropping upon the mammoth 5-hour conversation between Nishant and Amit Varma. (Essential listening for anyone creating anything in 2022!!)

His advocacy of Reddit around the 4-hour mark was just the nudge I needed to revive my Snoo avatar and indulge my curiosity through a few of the bazillion subreddits out there.

Snoo: Reddit's alien mascot - containing 'multitudes'

And what a mind-bending week it's been!! :D

Old posts from the Insta archives, reshared within relevant subreddits, received positive feedback and sparked conversations at a scale unseen in the 22-month history of Project Bibliotherapy!

Message from a stranger ;'D

This weblog series will document the highlights from my activity each week on Reddit, in chronological order, as a reminder that interactions on the internet can be wholesome, and 'in good faith'.

Happy scrolling!

Day 1

r/bookshelf #1 | r/QuotesPorn #1

Day 2

r/bookshelf #2 | r/QuotesPorn #2 | r/Cricket #1

Day 3

r/QuotesPorn #3 | r/Cricket #2 | r/bukowski #1 | r/EarthPorn #1 | r/beatles #1 | Ringo Starr-tled

Day 4

r/QuotesPorn #4 | r/douglasadams #1 | r/ActionFigures #1 | r/discworld #1 | r/Cricket #3

Day 5

r/QuotesPorn #5 | r/discworld #2

Day 6

r/QuotesPorn #6 | r/bookporn #1 | r/neilgaiman #1 | r/gratefuldead#1 | r/Cricket #4

Day 7

r/QuotesPorn #7 | r/discworld #3 | r/Cricket #5

Thank you for scrolling through the week that was! Don't forget to make good use of your time by listening to The Seen and The Unseen! Also, check out Sneaky Art in all its avatars - newsletter, podcast and more!!

I'll be exploring my social media presence further in the next Letter to the Reader. Till then, if you haven't read the previous one, here you go...

Cheers! - Nitin

PS. Just like Planet Earth, not all parts of Reddit are wholesome. Keep in mind while exploring :)

Edit - Here's all you need to know before entering the world of Reddit👇

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