Towel Day 2022 | DNA42: a Zine for Hoopy Froods

Celebrate Douglas Noel Adams by treating yourself to 42 goodies revolving around his life, the universe and everything, including the greatest book in the galaxy.

Download the zine containing all links (+ QR codes) in one place for easy browsing...


DNA 42 Zine Towel Day Special.pdf


The Ultimate Towel Day Threadathon is also underway on Twitter. Over the next 42 days, we will be sharing DNA-related gems unearthed from the farthest corners of the world wide web over the years.

Also, we had a blast with fellow froods at Kunzum Bookstore, Gurgaon...

... with a dramatic reading of the opening scenes of the first appearance of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [on radio in March, 1978]

PSA for Gurgaon folks - Drop in at Kunzum, buy any book by Douglas Adams and get a free copy of the Towel Day limited edition DNA 42 zine :)

More to come. Watch this space and don't forget to keep your towel at hand :)

- Nandini and Nitin

PS. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading the greatest book in the galaxy, we are so envious of you. You get to experience the magic of Douglas Adams' prose for the very first time.

Don't Panic!! You can start right away by reading the first half of the first book in the Trilogy of Five below as a kindle preview...

...but we would prefer if you visit your friendly neighbourhood bookstore to pick up your copy :)


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