1 Short Story. 1 Poem. 1 Essay: Guided Reading Meditation #2

"What you’ve got to do from this night forward is stuff your head with more different things from various fields... Before you go to bed every night, read one short story, one poem, one essay - for the next thousand nights... At the end, Jesus God, you’ll be full of stuff, won’t you?" ~ Ray Bradbury (An Evening in 2001)

Welcome to the second Guided Reading Meditation - an experiment designed to nudge you towards reading for pleasure, uninterrupted, for an hour (or more)...

If you're reading this before 10 PM IST, June 6th 2021, click below to join me for a live read-along on Clubhouse...

Here is the reading material for this edition, handpicked from a mix of my current reads and all-time favourites. At the bottom of this post, you can find handy links to further populate your reading list.

I've been following the Bradbury Consumption Diet for a week now. Early days yet, but so far it's proven quite effective in helping me overcome the reading slump brought upon by the gloom of 2021.

Hence, it's befitting to kick off proceedings with the last thing Ray ever wrote - an ode to libraries, books and reading...

I. ‘The Book And The Butterfly’ ~ Ray Bradbury, (800 words | An excerpt from 'The Best American Nonrequired Reading - 2012' courtesy Huffington Post)

One Short Story

Next up, a familiar tale for anyone who has been subjected to India's CBSE school system. One of the more memorable reads in a largely forgettable syllabus...

II. 'Mrs Packletide's Tiger' ~ Saki aka Hector Hugh Munro, (1300 words | 1911)

One Poem

The source material for Mickey Mouse's appearance on the big screen in Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia...

III. 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (434 words, 14 stanzas | 1779)

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One Essay

And to cap it off, the creator of the greatest book in the galaxy envisions the nascent 'creator economy' of today in this essay written twenty-six years ago...

IV. 'What have we got to lose?' ~ Douglas Noel Adams, (1700 words | Wired UK - Issue #1, 1995)

Further Reading Recommendations

That's all folks. Till next time. Happy Reading ~ Nitin



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