The Bibliophile's Guide to the Hundred Year Old Man

“Things are what they are, and whatever will be, will be.” ~ Allan Karlsson

Meet Allan Karlsson, the centenarian hero of Jonas Jonasson's rib-tickling tale. He's lived quite the eclectic life hanging out with geniuses and Supreme Leaders, and after a daring escape from the Old Person's Home, is off on another escapade to commemorate his hundredth birthday.



"The funniest book I have read in a very long time that was not by Wodehouse" ~ Shashi Tharoor (Reader's Digest)

+1, Dr Tharoor!!

Not only is the book in itself a delight, its origin story is heartwarming as well...

"I have always been a writer. Only, other things got in the way. Things I thought I had to take care of first.

As a result, years passed while the writer did not write a single book. I made my way through newspapers and television instead. As I woke up one day, I was no longer twenty-three but going on forty-eight.

The realisation of the years rushing by finally made me reinvent myself. Or climb out the window, if you like.

In 2007, I sold everything I owned, packed my bag and placed myself under a palm tree by Lake Lugano, laptop in lap.

Exactly twelve months later, I finished the manuscript. The one I had been carrying around in my mind for so long. Lovingly, it rips the twentieth century of all its glory and righteousness. And yet it embraces life. How could it not? How could we not? The alternative must be boring beyond everything!

Anyway, I sent the manuscript to six different publishing companies. Five of them turned it down, the sixths called me and said yes before they finished reading. Success was in the making, they said. They got bold and printed seven thousand copies in the first go.

"Seven thousand? Are you sure?"

"You can never be sure", they said.

It sold ten million... ~ Jonas Jonasson 

Check out his bibliography above - 5 books, 5 continents, 45 countries, 16 million copies and counting!!

Including the sequel...

[add to library --> The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man - Jonas Jonasson]

Not Streaming in India... yet :/

Watch instead...

"The world is aching for common sense. The democracies of the world are threatened to the very core by the values they were once founded on. Under attack from the outside as well as the inside. But, surely, the world is not as bad as I make it sound in my books. Sometimes it is worse.

You wanted to cry, father. I prefer to laugh. The result is all the same. A laughter is a way to deal with it all. To make things even more bearable, my world of fiction always includes a happy ending.

 You know how I like to exaggerate." ~ Jonas Jonasson

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