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After two hundred days of chasing the blues away, one book at a time...first on Instagram, then briefly on LinkedIn, and now on ScrollStack...

...I can safely say, it's helped.


This 'sanity project' has morphed from an exercise to showcase my recent reads on Instagram to a full-blown library of content for your reading /viewing /listening pleasure...

...most of which resides in the corners of the web not graced by the algorithms of today.

I've expanded my exposure beyond limits I thought possible...

...and the only certainty I can spot in today's times is that everyone wishes to read more, but unless nudged to do so, our brains default to the easiest source of distraction, one infinity pool or another (myself included).

All summer, I've focused on creating and curating content, without focusing on spreading the word. Now, there exists enough, of all kinds, in the Instagram and ScrollStack archives, for me to launch the next phase...

Read More with Project Bibliotherapy!

[please note that this is the initial idea which will be revamped later in 2021. leaving it unchanged for posterity]

A distribution network set up from scratch to ensure that people interested to read more are encouraged to read more...

It's an experimental model which promises to deliver a nudge to read more from Project Bibliotherapy via WhatsApp (daily) or E-mail (weekly).

Nudges would include the best of the ever-expanding Bibliotherapy Library on ScrollStack & Instagram, continuously being updated March 22nd 2020 onward, for your reading pleasure... the form of original snippets /quotes /articles /recommendations /book deals /event announcements /random links from odd forgotten corners of the web... and so on.

For October, the words of Charles Bukowski, Douglas Adams and P.G. Wodehouse will be constituting my reading list. So expect ample doses of honesty, wisdom and humour in your inbox /Bibliotherapy chat window :)

Name. One book/author/topic on your reading list for 2021. Email. Phone number (optional). That’s all.
Sign up below to READ MORE this year and beyond... :)

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