The Bibliophile's Guide to Wodehouse

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881-1975): The original bibliotherapist - chasing the blues away since forever.

Ever since I embarked on this random journey to showcase my favourite authors and their works in the form of easily accessible guides, I've been itching to compose this one.

Every time, the sheer mammoth nature of the task, given his prolific output across 95 volumes of published works, fuels my procrastination.

The only way out is to put together this guide at well-spaced-out intervals, making it easier both for the reader as well as me to consume and create + consume respectively.

So I will be updating this post every now and then. Stay tuned!

Contents (v 1.0) - Tributes: featuring Fry & Tharoor || 5000 pages of Wodehouse || Audible Credit of the Month

"Had his only contribution to literature been Lord Emsworth and Blandings Castle, his place in history would have been assured.Had he written of none but Mike and Psmith, he would be cherished today as the best and brightest of our comic authors. If Jeeves and Wooster had been his solitary theme, still he would be hailed as the Master.

If he had given us only Ukridge, or nothing but recollections of the Mulliner family, or a pure diet of golfing stories, Doctor Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse would nonetheless be considered immortal.

That he gave us all those - and more - is our good fortune and a testament to the most industrious, prolific and beneficent author ever to have sat down, scratched his head and banged out a sentence." ~ Stephen Fry

It's befitting that the man who infused life into Wodehouse's most beloved character, Jeeves, would delight us all with his ode to the master of wit.

“What Wodehouse writes is pure word music.

It matters not one whit that he writes endless variations on a theme of pig kidnappings, lofty butlers, and ludicrous impostures.

He is the greatest musician of the English language, and exploring variations of familiar material is what musicians do all day.” ~ Douglas Adams, Introduction to 'Sunset at Blandings'

Swipe sideways to treat yourself to a bit of pure word music...


“Whereas other English novelists burdened their readers with the specificities of their characters' lives and circumstances, Wodehouse's existed in a never-never land that was almost as unreal to his English readers as to his Indian ones.

Indian readers were able to enjoy Wodehouse free of the anxiety of allegiance; for all its droll particularities, the world he created, from London's Drones Club to the village of Matcham Scratchings, was a world of the imagination, to which Indians required no visa.” ~ Shashi Tharoor

"If we’re talking about culture that makes people happy, we have to start with the works of PG Wodehouse.

There are two reasons why. One reason is that making people happy was Wodehouse’s overriding ambition. The other reason is that he was better at it than any other writer in history." ~ Nicholas Barber

Read the full BBC piece below --> 'The man who wrote the most perfect sentences ever written'...

"The Pothunters | A Prefect's Uncle | The Gold Bat | The Head of Kay's | Love among the Chickens | The White Feather | Not George Washington | The Swoop | The Intrusion of Jimmy | The Little Nugget | Something New | Uneasy Money | Piccadilly Jim | A Damsel in Distress | The Coming of Bill | Indiscretions of Archie | The Little Warrior | Three Men and a Maid | The Adventures of Sally | The Girl on the Boat | plus some Jeeves & Wooster and Mike & Psmith as well" ~ Contents: The Ultimate Wodehouse Collection, Blackmore Dennett

5200 plus pages of early P.G. Wodehouse awesomeness! Available for less than a dollar! It sounds way too good, but it is true.

[add to library --> The Ultimate Wodehouse Collection]

This will be constituting a significant part of my To-Read List for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended...

For now, we need Wodehouse more than ever...

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