The Bibliophile's ScrollStack Goodreads List - September 2020

As one of the earliest inhabitants of ScrollStack, I've had the pleasure of discovering a plethora of diverse sources to populate my To-Read list since July.

Here's a selection of my reading recommendations - by no means exhaustive, but the equivalent of a tasting menu.

Happy Reading :)


“I prefer walking alone to walking with others. That ladybird or the wild rose would escape my attention if I was engaged in a lively conversation with a companion. Not that the ladybird is going to change my life.

But by acknowledging its presence, stopping to admire its beauty, I have done obeisance to the natural scheme of things, of which I am only a small part.

Contemplating that tiny creature, or the flower on which it rests, gives one the hope— better, the certainty—that there is more to life than interest rates, dividends, market forces, and infinite technology.” - Ruskin Bond

We are privileged to be alive at this time of rapid upswing in all kinds of technology, when even Moore's 'Law' has been outstripped by the pace of technological evolution. RIP after the 2020s, Moore' Law.

Humankind (as I've written elsewhere, please be kind, it is in our name as a species - let's live up to it!) will not stop refining technology because of an archaic (albeit really legendary, to coin an oxymoron) law bound by the physical constraints of current semiconductors (pun intended).

Instead, science fiction in all its forms - books, movies, TV series, games, comics, VR, to name but a few - will continue to inspire bright minds to be creative in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).” ~ Aradhye Ackshatt

If you're anything like me and do not want to read anyone's hot take on therapy, why you should seek it, and what will therapy do to you, then this is for you.

It is easier to find a Tinder date to hookup than attempting to find someone to rescue you from a breakdown about your beloved, your job, family, or just a virus outside your door or all of the above.” ~ Anisha Saigal

Now that you’re home, take a nap. Research says 10-20-minute daytime naps improve cognitive performance and boost creativity.” ~ Kevin Delaney

“...A song inspired by the racial tensions that exploded in the US in spring 1968 as a symbolic way to support the civil rights movement. 

Shortly after returning from India where he was learning the art of Transcendental Meditation with the other Beatles, Paul McCartney wrote "Blackbird" while at High Park Farm in Kintyre, Scotland in April of 1968. Both the melody and the lyrics have the specific inspiration behind them. ” ~ Bidisha Bhatacharya

Coincidentally, 9/11/2020 marks six months to the day that live theatre shut down due to COVID-19, not only here in New York, but across the country and most areas of the world.

Could anyone have predicted we'd be facing a six month-long intermission with no end in sight (at the moment)? Personally, it's the longest I've gone without seeing a play since I went off to college forty-five years ago.” ~ Ron Fassler

A few years back, in order to shake up things a bit I created a comic making challenge for myself. To take a line (that's the line I am talking about) off a song and use that as a prompt for create a comic. The mood of the song and the comic have no connect- It was just a little visual gateway.” ~ Vidya Gopal

The objective of this post is to make you pause and smell the sea salt in the air. Explore the beach or the seaside.” ~ Mumbai Paused

“I make comics for my own amusement”. ~ That Thing I Do

For everything, there is what economists call a ‘private value’ and a ‘common value’. So, based on our contexts and our stakes, we react to prices the way we do. So when your cousin shows you the gaudy shoes she got for a bargain at ₹ 2000 you scoff at her because your ‘private value’ for the shoes weren’t as high as hers was. It could be reversed when you try to explain why you paid ₹ 5,000 for that replica Liverpool jersey.” ~ Tareque Laskar

“Think about an online marketplace where you go and find short stories listed. Some are independent of franchise context, some belong to a particular series (Byomkesh Bakshi?) and all stories are brand new.

You read excerpts and click on the buy button next to the stories you find interesting. You pay… what? about 10 rupees for a story and it is added to your library.” ~ Vijayendra Mohanty (2013)

It's easier to sell a $500 smart watch today, but it's very difficult for a creator to charge $1 or INR 25 for a 2500 word long piece. It shouldn't be this hard. Our mission is make it easy for creators to charge small amounts for their content, and sell their content to a global audience. is the first step on this journey.” ~ Ritesh Mehta

ScrollStack is part of a new wave of platforms built to combine the best of the open web experience (creators own their content and audience) and social platforms (readers/viewers have a simple way to find creators/thinkers worth following).” ~ Samir Patil

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