Bibliotherapy Zine #9: End-of-2020 Special

This week marked nine months of chasing the blues away via Project Bibliotherapy for me.

To commemorate this occasion, I've put together a special issue of the zine showcasing a trilogy of posts...

...which, out of all the 50+ posts published on Scrollstack so far, can be considered to be the most useful towards nudging you to read more.

Happy End-of-2020, and thank you for reading :) ~ Nitin


#1. Over a hundred reading recommendations for kids - from my own early childhood memories along with newer gems...

"Introduce your child to reading, especially for pleasure!

Building a reading habit might not lead to kids becoming teenage tech millionaires, but it shall definitely help them develop a mind of their own, practice empathy, travel through space and time, and perhaps even be inspired to change the world later in life."

#2. My reading list for the upcoming few weeks...

This unusual winter, I have no plans of leaving my bed, unless absolutely necessary. For company, 42 books lie beside me, the works of thirty authors from ten countries, spanning multiple genres and diverse eras. The only commonality - I haven't had the pleasure of reading any of them yet.

#3. My discovery of the year - the world of audiobooks...

"If the ability to 'read' while walking wasn't a tempting enough reason, the Audible subscription is extreme value-for-money as well (at the moment, especially in India).

The first month and audiobook is free for everyone. (Prime members currently can avail a three-month trial offer)
- Post that, upon paying just ₹199/month, you receive a credit every 30 days which can be used to purchase any title from the Audible library, whatever its original price.
- Even if you choose to cancel your membership, your curated collection is yours to keep for life."

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Name. One book/author/topic on your reading list for 2021. Email. Phone number (optional). That’s all.
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Thank you in advance for your support and happy holidays!!

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