Bibliotherapy Quiz Contest: Wordsmiths' Edition #1

Exercise those 'little grey cells' and guess the identities of these five masters of the written word.

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After being captured by the Nazis during their invasion of France, A is said to have remarked, ‘Perhaps after this I shall write a serious book.’ He didn't.

However, after an absurd turn of events in which he, of all people, was accused of treason by the British government, A made a Brexit to New York, never to return.


In 1945, B wrote a passionate essay 'In Defence of A'.

That same year, he also released a book all about 'loving and caring for animals', as described later by a Bollywood diva who gained international 'fame' courtesy a TV show inspired by B's other work of 'fiction'.


When asked about the origin of his TV-loving, Monday-hating protagonist's name, C said, "I thought of my grandfather, a big, cantankerous, cynical man. The name seemed to fit the personality and shape of the character."


D's debut novel is the 'coming-of-age' tale of a man 'without ambition, who wants to be left alone, in peace so that he can try and be happy.'

Its movie adaptation stars an Indian rugby player making his acting debut and, thanks to poor handling of its original negative by a film lab, no longer exists for our viewing pleasure.


Every year since 2001, on May the 25th, hardly-panicked fans openly carry a towel with them everywhere to demonstrate their appreciation for E and his phenomenal multimedia, multiverse creation.

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Answers :)

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A - P.G. Wodehouse

B - George Orwell

Winner - Big Brother UK 2007!! | Pic credit - Delhi Times

A honest goodread recommendation here, courtesy the Orwell Foundation --> 'Defence of P.G. Wodehouse'

C - Jim Davis; his grandfather - James A. Garfield Davis

D - Upamanyu Chatterjee

While the movie might not be available, here's a treat straight from Day 5 of Lockdown...

E - Douglas Adams

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Also, my guide for all froods -->

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