Bibliotherapy Zine #13: JLF 2021 Special (Part I)

With 150+ sessions spread across 10 days, Jaipur Literature Festival's 2021 virtual edition offers a wholesome feast of ideas just like its predecessors.

In this 13th issue of the zine designed to nudge you to read more, scroll down to find a subjective list of sessions of interest to be held between 19th-28th February, 2021.

Register here if not done already. The festival is free and accessible all over the world!


Have fun at the greatest literary show on Earth! (No exaggeration!!) More to follow next week in Part II of the JLF special!!!

Till then, add Project Bibliotherapy to your Instagram feeds for regular updates and reminders!

Name. One book/author/topic on your reading list for 2021. Email. Phone number (optional). That’s all.
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