Bat-Ball: Bibliotherapy Read-a-thon #1

This 🏏 season, treat yourself to the joy of reading.

[Edit- Atleast that was the plan. But Covid hit home mid-April. Scroll down for the few goodreads shared before the halt in proceedings. Stay safe, stay sane.]

Between April 9th & May 30th 2021, I will be sharing one brilliant piece of writing on cricket, daily for your reading pleasure.

In addition to these 52 handpicked gems, expect random doses of bat-ball nostalgia from the personal library - consisting of books, collectibles and 100+ magazines (most of them older than Washington Sundar).

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Over the past 25 years, the one thing I’ve enjoyed more than watching or playing the game has been reading about it. Hope this experiment gives your reading habit a boost during these weird times. 

PS. All the goodreads shared on Telegram will be added below as well everyday. Bookmark this post. HAPPY READING :)

#7 - 22Nd May, 2021

Pausing the read-a-thon indefinitely with this scathing piece by Sharda Ugra calling out the obvious (posted on April 29th)...

Take care, folks. Thank you for reading.

Leaving you for now with a peek into the mind of one of my all-time favourite sports writers, courtesy a 3-hour conversation between her and Amit Varma.

#6 - 14TH APRIL, 2021

"This is not meant to be a song of praise for him on his retirement; that is up to the rest of the world.

I am his wife, not a fan, and the reason I am writing this is to give you an insight into the role cricket has played in his life, and to take that in for myself at the end of his 16-year international career." ~ Vijeeta Dravid, ESPNcricinfo (1900 words)

#5 - 13TH APRIL, 2021

Ten years ago, the Wall became the first non-Australian cricketer to deliver the Sir Donald Bradman Oration at Canberra.

Here's the entire transcript for your reading pleasure (longread ~6400 words; absolutely recommended) 👇

#4 - 12TH APRIL, 2021

A fairy tale from not too long ago, but which seems like a distant memory, retold by Sambit Bal (1400 words)

#3 - 11TH APRIL, 2021

"I am a cricket purist. I love Test cricket. But if God existed, I would thank Her for Her kindness in bringing about the IPL. T20 cricket is the best thing that happened to cricket – and if five-day cricket is still alive 30 years from now, it will be because of the four-hour version of the game." ~ Amit Varma, Hindu Business Line (April 6th, 2018)

After 10 years of IPL, here are four reasons for Amit saying this - The Tamasha All Purists Should Love (800 words)

#2 - 10th april, 2021

"Firstly, I think that the IPL is a huge step forward for cricket. Second... it is good for India as well." ~ Amit Varma, ESPNcricinfo (March 13th, 2008)

A prolific writer's prescient POV on the Premier League's fortunes, written before a single ball is bowled at its inaugural edition... (1200 words)

#1 - 9th april, 2021

You always remember your firsts, don't you? :)

In today's goodread, let's travel back in time with ace cricket writer Siddhartha Vaidyanathan and explore...

Personal favourites - #1 Rest Days, #4 Pitch Invasions, #8 Daddles and #22 Trump Cards!!


While you wait for the sporting action to begin, explore the Bibliotherapy cricket archives in the meanwhile via this handy guide...

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