Bibliotherapy Zine #1

Zine (noun) \[zeen] - ‘magazine.’

“Most definitions of zines include the fact that they are small-circulation, self-published, and often inexpensive or free. That’s generally true, although these are more guidelines than hard-and-fast rules. The most important aspect of a zine is generally that the publication identifies as one.” ~ Chloe Arnold, Mental Floss

Welcome to the first ever issue of Bibliotherapy Zine.

In a parallel universe where print is still almighty, this Number 1 would probably be a collector's item a few decades down the line.

But on Planet Earth circa 2020, it's merely the first installment in another attempt at spreading the cheer and helping humanity stay sane, nothing more, nothing less.

Be warned! This compilation is curated by a highly random, mostly harmless bibliophile. Expect nothing... and everything!!

Also, never forget the motto of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - 'Share and Enjoy'!!

~ Reader-in-Chief


DNA Appreciation Department

“We don't have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself.

What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it.” ~ Douglas Noel Adams, 'Parrots, the Universe and Everything' (April 5th, 2001 || University of California - Santa Barbara)

Still less than a million views. HOW?

This was the last public appearance by one of the more intelligent 'ape-descended life forms' before he tragically passed away a month later.

One hour, twenty-seven minutes of pure wit and intelligence - available a click away for over 12 years, yet still only experienced by a handful of people.

Sigh. We, as humanity, do not deserve Douglas Adams.

“How does Douglas Adams arrive for coffee?

I wanted to see him skip out of a spaceship, materialize or even just walk. This is a guy who wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and has managed to make Life, the Universe and Everything much more entertaining. So, I wondered, how would he arrive?” ~ Brendan Buhler

Interview: Douglas Adams' - Brendan Buhler (The Daily Nexus - April 5th, 2001)

The last ever interview with 'the last of the most rare, amazing, and quite brilliant species on earth.'

“Thursday night, he came to entertain 800 people in a packed Campbell Hall with his talk, “Parrots, the Universe and Everything.”

The talk was based on Adams’s favorite, and least successful, book: Last Chance to See.” ~ Brendan Buhler

'Crowd of 800 Gets ‘Last Chance to See’ Author Douglas Adams' - Brendan Buhler' (The Daily Nexus - April 6th, 2001)


For 42-plus more 'wholly remarkable resources' about DNA and H2G2, hand-picked from the vastness of the web and compiled in one place...

pigs in the wood-house Department

“What Wodehouse writes is pure word music.

It matters not one whit that he writes endless variations on a theme of pig kidnappings, lofty butlers, and ludicrous impostures.

He is the greatest musician of the English language, and exploring variations of familiar material is what musicians do all day.” ~ Douglas Adams, Introduction to 'Sunset at Blandings'

Swipe sideways to treat yourself to a bit of pure word music...

[add to library --> Pigs have Wings: A Blandings Story - P.G. Wodehouse]

Department of Tharoorism

“Whereas other English novelists burdened their readers with the specificities of their characters' lives and circumstances, Wodehouse's existed in a never-never land that was almost as unreal to his English readers as to his Indian ones.

Indian readers were able to enjoy Wodehouse free of the anxiety of allegiance; for all its droll particularities, the world he created, from London's Drones Club to the village of Matcham Scratchings, was a world of the imagination, to which Indians required no visa.” ~ Shashi Tharoor

Also, on the occasion of 73 years of freedom from British rule, Indian History 101...

The Speech.


“Generations of Indian children grew up craving things they had not the faintest idea about all thanks to [Enid Blyton].

I wanted to have picnics in the woods with hampers filled with potted meat and tongue sandwiches and ginger ale. I wanted tea with clotted cream and crumpets.

I had no idea what any of it tasted like but that I even craved something clotted and something potted shows the extraordinary power of Blyton.

She made even English food sound fabulously exotic.” ~ Sandip Roy

Celebrate Ms Blyton's birthday by revisiting some of her choicest quotes below...

[add to library --> Five on a Treasure Island - Enid Blyton]

hundred years of buk-ch*di department

“"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt while the stupid people are full of confidence," wrote Charles Bukowski.

Have you ever heard a better summary of the mess we’re in today?

In his poems and stories, Bukowski described the futility of modern life better than anyone alive, and 16 August 2020 would have been his 100th birthday.” ~William Cook

Public Service Announcement - The Independent offers one premium longread every week for free after registration.

For a glimpse at honest writing...

[add to library --> post office - Charles Bukowski]

finishing off in style department

“While my heart may be beyond Dhoni, because of the age in which he plied his trade, my head is not.

He is not the fantasy of a schoolboy, but an inspiration for an adult, a supremely well-rounded individual who, more than anyone else I can recall, understood what success is, and often more tellingly, what success is not.” ~ Arnab "GreatBong" Ray

Respect, Skipper!! So long and thanks for all the sixes!

major music festival missing department

“I don’t know how to speak to 20 people, much less all of you . . . you are the largest group of people ever assembled in one place at one time . . . we had no idea there would be this many . . . and you have proven something to the world . . . that half a million kids can get together for fun and music and have nothing but fun and music.” ~ Max Yasgur, Woodstock 1969 be part of a crowd...

zoom sessions worth your while department

“Find a rock music fan of any shade and chances are they will be a fan of psychedelic legends Pink Floyd.

At the very basic level, Another Brick In The Wall — 2 Wish You Were Here is as much part of an engineering college’s curriculum as Thermodynamics is.” ~ Deepak "Chuck" Gopalakrishnan

Sign up for Listening Sessions with Chuck, Berty and friends below. Brought to you by Headphone Zone.

Next up - Indian Rock and Metal - Part Two on August 22nd, 2020...

On the eve of Independence Day, Part One climaxed with this all-time classic headbanger...

"Standing By..."

polite applause department

“There was this one voice I’d listen to every morning, and he seemed really, really cool. He had a pet ‘male-cow’ called Adam, would make awkward sounds on-air, and he would play a decent amount of rock and ask me to sing out loud.

He made conversation with random strangers and burst into laughter sporadically. If you still don’t know who I’m referring to – you’re either not from Delhi, or you take the metro to work, or you’ve been living under a rock.

Ladies and gentlemen, this voice is the star on HIT Mornings with Sarthak.” ~ Suchita Salwan

Speaking of Sarthak, or rather 'with' him...

nasal acoustics department

An ode to steam from the man who once hogged almost all the radio-waves in the dark days...

View this post on Instagram

Himesh talking about steam. ✌🏼

A post shared by Himesh Doing Things (@himeshdoingthings) on

An extraordinary quantity of chuckles can be attributed to Him doing things on my feed this week. Warning - Quite contagious!

humans of bibliotherapy department

And finally, a message from a talented artist and one of the earliest supporters of this tiny initiative to chase the blues away, one book at a time...

That's all Folks! Thanks for scrolling!

Till next time, happy reading!!

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