Bibliotherapy Zine #2

Welcome to Week Two of my favourite experiment with Bibliotherapy till date.

~ Reader-in-Chief


icky guy identification department

Yesterday, 42 days shy of turning 35, the epiphany dawned upon yours truly that through a series of serendipitous, 'seemingly improbable' coincidences, ikigai has finally been identified.” ~ The Bibliophile's Guide to Ikigai


Identify your own - highly recommended.

Scratch the last bit in 2020

For your reading pleasure...

rasoda confidential department

Rasode mein kaun tha? – the question that has taken the internet by storm. Six days ago, when 24-year-old composer Yashraj Mukhate uploaded a 57-second video of him remixing a frivolous line of dialogue from a stereotypical TV soap opera, he didn’t anticipate getting almost 10 million views and becoming an internet sensation within a week.” ~ Suchin Mehrotra, Film Companion

So who was in the kitchen anyway?

Read Now on Film Companion --> Interview with 'Composer Yashraj Mukhate On How The Viral ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ Video Has Changed His Life'

When I uploaded this video I had around 24k followers on Instagram, now it’s almost 6 lakhs*. And I had around 8k subscribers on YouTube, which has also now crossed 600k**, and that’s in less than a week.” ~ Yashraj Mukhate

(*7 lakhs || **961K)

If the Rashi-laden beats and a feel-good lockdown success story weren't enough, the memes have contributed to the merriment.

The Project Bibliotherapy Cooker Prize of the Week goes to...

Speaking of cookers and chefs...

If you are one of those people who cringe at the thought of strangers fondling your food, you shouldn’t go out to eat. As the author and former chef Nicolas Freeling notes in his definitive book “The Kitchen,” the better the restaurant, the more your food has been prodded, poked, handled, and tasted.

By the time a three-star crew has finished carving and arranging your saddle of monkfish with dried cherries and wild-herb-infused nage into a Parthenon or a Space Needle, it’s had dozens of sweaty fingers all over it.” ~ Anthony Bourdain, 'New Yorker' (1999)

[add to library --> Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly - Anthony Bourdain]

algorithm n' blues department

Creators have therefore, relied on the 'walled gardens' of social media platforms and built massive audiences on (and for) them. The number of creators with more than a thousand followers on social platforms is in the tens of millions.

For creators, these followers are a bit of a mirage since they are difficult to convert into paid supporters. Even sending your work to fans directly via emails or messages is not easy. Blackbox algorithms control creator reach and revenue share from advertising is minimal or non-existent.” ~ Samir Patil

At the time of publishing, 911 accounts 'follow' Project Bibliotherapy on Instagram.

Out of all the 130-odd posts shared over the past five months, it is safe to assume each of these 911 folks would have seen atleast one of them on their feeds.

But if you pick any post from the Bibliotherapy feed, chances are that out of all these 900-odd people, less than a half of them would have ever seen it.

For the sake of convenience, let's look at the most recent couple of posts.

Both unseen by more than half of the 'followers' of Bibliotherapy

Likes, comments, shares, saves - all are actions beyond any creator's control, to be executed according to the reader's will.

No point over-analyzing these metrics and linking them to your happiness. Better spend that time on creating your next piece of work.

But the bare minimum any creator should expect from their distribution channels is that their creations reach the people who are 'following' their work willfully.

That doesn't happen, because well, how else would Facebook Inc. make its profits if not through ad revenues earned for spreading the word?

TL; DR - Own your distribution!

lonely hearts club band department

Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club is gearing up to re-open its doors to celebrate its annual International Beatleweek festival, albeit in a very different way.

Between 27th August and 1st September 2020, the Club will welcome back customers to enjoy a drink and watch pre-recorded live performances from Beatles tribute acts from around the world, in the Club where it all began for The Beatles.” ~ The Cavern Club management

Swipe for a glimpse of a glorious day two summers ago...

Join me in treating yourself to Beatleweek festivities streaming on Facebook Live...

Today's schedule...


department of official nightmares

फिलहाल मेरे phone की backlight तुम्हारे futureसे bright है...

(At the moment, my phone's backlight is brighter than your future...)” ~ Akarsh Khurana, Big Boss Man of Dhumrapaan

Bibliotherapy Recommends this office comedy capturing the essence/futility of corporate culture. Please note, certain bits are only funny with the benefit of hindsight :P

Statutory Warning - Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health... but then, so are Toxic Bosses...

(Watch Now on Zee5 --> Trailer - Dhumrapaan)

No better reason to subscribe to Zee5 (in India)!

Also, an important message from Elsa Majimbo...

View this post on Instagram

Would not recommend hardwork, 2/10.

A post shared by Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o) on

humans of bibliotherapy department

Meet the Waste Warrior dumping unfiltered thoughts on the go in her Dustbin Journal all of 2020.

She finally shed her anonymity last week via Insta Live and fielded questions about Life, the Universe and Everything like a boss. (Watch Now on IGTV)

scrollstack goodreads department

ScrollStack is part of a new wave of platforms built to combine the best of the open web experience (creators own their content and audience) and social platforms (readers/viewers have a simple way to find creators/thinkers worth following).” ~ Samir Patil

It can be really hard lately to see how many of the traditional rules of investing—or rational thinking—apply.

Tesla stock has risen fourfold this year, making it worth more than Volkswagen and Toyota combined—even Elon Musk has said it is overvalued. The cryptocurrency ether has gained more than 150% in 2020, rising 75% over the past two weeks alone. Investors poured money into Hertz even after it declared bankruptcy, driving shares up almost 900%.” ~ Kevin Delaney

Explaining where you are coming from is far more likely to change someone’s mind than well rehearsed facts and counter-arguments.” ~ Network Capital

Be warned! This compilation is curated by a highly random, mostly harmless bibliophile. Expect nothing... and everything!!” ~ Nitin

Thank you for scrolling to the bottom! Hope you had a fun ride.

Cheers! Till next week!! Signing off!!!

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